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Learn with FIRE offers you the opportunity to take courses on a wide range of topics, including free speech and due process, designed by our expert staff. Check out our library of resources below to get started on your First Amendment journey!


Achieving a robust free speech culture requires that students get a proper grounding in knowledge of the Constitution. FIRE works to maintain balance and quality in K-12 instruction by providing free First Amendment-focused lesson plans and educational resources. Middle and high school students will come away with a greater understanding of, and appreciation for, American liberties.

Higher Education

FIRE is dedicated to making college and university campuses beacons for the individual rights of students and faculty members. In order to achieve that dream, FIRE needs the help of students, faculty members, administrators, and alumni who are committed to free speech and due process on campus. Learn how to stand up for these rights at your school by checking out our course content below!

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Whether you’re a student, faculty, alum, or FIRE member, Learn with FIRE has content for you. Connect with our community of learners and First Amendment activists by joining Learn with FIRE. You’ll gain access to our entire library of free courses and resources.

Lessons for First-Year Experience Programming

FIRE, in partnership with New York University’s First Amendment Watch, has developed this series of lessons for universities to utilize when teaching incoming students about their free speech rights and the principles behind the First Amendment. 

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Free Speech on Campus

Before you can become a free speech advocate at your school, it is essential that you know exactly what rights the First Amendment protects, how those rights apply to university students, the ways you can take advantage of those rights, and how to promote them on campus. Take this course to learn about how to ignite your free speech rights today!

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