Calling All University Students: Get Involved with FIRE!

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FIRE’s Student Outreach team works to provide students with the tools they need to practice activism at their schools. We do that in a few ways.

First, we give students the opportunity to join the FIRE Student Network, a coalition of students who recognize the importance of advancing civil liberties on their campuses. Joining FSN is a great way to keep yourself informed about ways you can be an advocate for individual liberties.

Second, we provide activism mentorship through our three on-campus programs: Let’s Talk, Student Defenders, and Campus Scholars. FIRE’s Let’s Talk program empowers students to create spaces on their campuses for civil discourse. Student Defenders helps students serve as peer conduct advisors in the university judicial process. Campus Scholars gives undergraduates the opportunity to collaborate with FIRE in defending civil liberties on campuses across the country, while also working with our staff to create and build a personal project to promote FIRE’s mission on their own campuses.

Finally, we publish a plethora of guides and resources designed to help students learn about their rights on campus and how to ignite them.

This course is designed to jumpstart your student activism career by reviewing FIRE’s mission, the basics of the First Amendment, and introducing you to our Let’s Talk and Student Defenders programs.