Privacy Policy

This policy governs only information collected through Learn with FIRE, which is a subdomain of Information collected through FIRE’s main site (, or by FIRE otherwise, is governed by the general Privacy Policy, which may be found here

FIRE has a firm commitment to your privacy. We will collect and store personally identifiable information from users of Learn with FIRE when they sign up, and we will continually collect and store other information, including course enrollment numbers and course progression, the name of visitors’ domains from which they visit learn with FIRE, time of access, etc.

This policy is your guide to how we will handle the information we collect about you.

Information Collection

We collect and store the following information about Learn with FIRE signups who are 18 and over: name, date of birth (for students and those who identify as “other”), email address, graduation year (for students), school (for students, teachers, faculty, and administrators), school type (for K-12 teachers and administrators), how the person signing up heard about Learn with FIRE, and whether the person signing up is a student, K-12 teacher, college faculty member, parent, administrator, or other. We collect and store the following information about Learn with FIRE signups who are under 18: date of birth, email address, and how the person signing up heard about Learn with FIRE.

We also collect and store the name of the domain from which Learn with FIRE account holders and visitors view our LMS webpages, the date and time they access Learn with FIRE, the Internet address of the website from which they followed a link to Learn with FIRE, their operating system, persistent cookies, session cookies, and flash cookies. 

Please note that the data listed above relating to domain, date and time of webpage view, internet address, etc. cannot be traced to a person or an email. We track it for Learn with FIRE users who are logged into the learning management system and also for visitors to Learn with FIRE who are not logged in. However, we do not connect any of that data with any individual user’s personally identifiable information. 

We collect and store the following information concerning our courses: the number of Learn with FIRE users, individual course enrollment and course completion numbers, individual learners’ progress in each of the courses they take, and the number of online learners who take an extra step of engagement with FIRE like applying for a conference or connecting with a FIRE staff member. 

We use the information we collect to assess the success of our educational content and adjust marketing strategies for Learn with FIRE.  

Personally Identifiable Information

We may use your contact information to send you further information about our organization, Learn with FIRE, or to contact you when necessary. You may always opt-out of receiving future mailings by contacting us at [email protected].

When you sign up to Learn with FIRE, your email will be automatically added to our Learn with FIRE email list from which users of our learning management system receive general updates about Learn with FIRE. This applies to both minors and adults 18 and older. 

The email addresses of signups for Learn with FIRE who are 18 and older will also be added to the FIRE email listserv(s) that correspond(s) to the category in which the learner self-identifies in the signup form. For example, learners 18 and over who choose “Student” on the signup form will be added to our FIRE Student Network email list and will receive updates sent to that list. 

If you are 18 or older, you also may decide to send us personally identifiable information, for example, in an email message containing a question or comment. We use personally identifiable information from email primarily to respond to your requests. We may forward your email to other employees who are better able to answer your questions, or share your contact information with partner organizations with whom FIRE works. We may also use your email to contact you in the future about our programs that may be of interest.

We engage vendors to perform services on our behalf, such as website or data hosting, tracking metrics and/or analytic services, and database and system management. These vendors may be privy to your personally identifiable information while performing these services. 

Kids and Privacy

For children under 18, we request an email address so that they can create a Learn with FIRE account, which enables us to keep accurate metrics on the number of Learn with FIRE users, individual course enrollment and course completion numbers, and individual learners’ progress in each of the courses they take. 

If you are a child under 18, please do not send us any other personal information — consult your parent or guardian instead. If we discover that we have received personally identifiable information from a child under 18 other than their email address, date of birth, and other metrics listed in this section, we will delete that information.

A request may be made for the removal of the email address of a child under 18 and the related information listed in this section from Learn with FIRE at any time, understanding that removal of the email address discontinues use of Learn with FIRE.

Questions about our Policies

If you have any questions about this privacy statement, the practices of Learn with FIRE, or your dealings with this learning management system, you can contact us at [email protected].